Low smoke and halogen free
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Low smoke and halogen free

The flame retardant is suitable for glass fiber filled polyamide 66 halogen-free flame retardant. As a white powder, it developed a new hue of flame retardant GFR PA66 (polyamide 66 filled with glass fiber).
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Melamine cyanurate (MCA)

Molecular formula: C6H9N9O3 
Molecular weight: 255.2 
CAS registration number: 37640-57-6

Molecular formula

Main technical indexes and physical and chemical indexes:

Indicator name Indicator
melamine cyanurate, %≥ 99.5
Loss on drying, %≤ 0.2
Residual cyanuric acid, %≤ 0.2
D50 Particle size μm 3-10μm
Average particle size mm≤ 3
Whiteness(F457)≥ 96
PH( 10g/L ) 5.5-7.5

Appearance: white crystalline fine powder or particle, odorless, tasteless, greasy.
Density: (kg / m3): 1500-1600
Bulk density: (kg / m3): 450-550
Heating weight loss: (760mmhg)
Normal temperature 0
300 ℃ for 5 hours
350 ℃ for 5 hours 3.5%
Solubility in water: (g / 100ml) (℃) 0.001

Product introduction:

Melamine cyanurate (MCA) is a salt synthesized from melamine and cyanuric acid. It belongs to a series of ammonia flame retardants. When the flame retardant polyamide burns with the product, the carbon foam layer will protect the polymer and insulation. The smoke density and toxic gas of the polymer can be greatly reduced with the addition of the product, and no irritating toxic gas is produced.

Product features and advantages:

1. MCA is a halogen-free environment-friendly flame retardant. Its appearance is white crystalline powder, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, formaldehyde and other organic solvents. It is weakly acidic and can be well dispersed in oil medium.
2. Chemical properties are very stable, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection; good flame retardant effect, processing smoke is small.
3. Compared with the halogen / antimony flame retardant series, the heat stability is better. When heated at 300 ℃ for a long time, the heat loss is very low.

Product display:

Product display


1. Flame retardant. This product is widely used in rubber, nylon, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, acrylic emulsion, polytetrafluoroethylene resin and other olefin resins as halogen free flame retardant components. It is especially suitable for electrical and electronic devices (connectors, switches, enclosures, etc.) made of polyamide or TPU. Its flame retardant effect can reach UL94V-0 in unfilled compounds or mineral filled compounds. It can also reach UL94V-2 in glass fiber filling system.
2. Coating matting agent. Good adhesion with resin, not easy to fall off and cause pollution. It is better than titanium dioxide and silica gel as chemical fiber matting agent.
3. Electroplating grade plastic additives. Adding nylon plastics to enhance the adhesion during electroplating.


Product model:

Model Content Appearance Moisture Particle size D50 Particle size D90
NA-20 99.50% White powder ≤0.2% ≈2μm ≈5μm
NA-200 99.50% White particles ≤0.2% ≈2μm ≈5μm
GNA-10 99.50% White powder ≤0.2% ≈5μm ≈10μm
GNA-25 99.50% White powder ≤0.2% ≈8μm ≈25μm

Specification, packaging and storage:

Powder 25kg / bag, plastic inside and knitting outside
Particles 20kg / bag, plastic inside and knitting outside
Place in a dry and ventilated place.

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