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Mca manufacturer: those things about environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardants

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Jan 04,2021

[Summary]Regarding flame retardants, I believe everyone will know more or less. At present, halogen flame retardants are still common and commonly used for us, including chlorine flame retardants and bromine flame retardants. We all know that halogen flame retardants will produce toxic fumes if they are exposed to heat, so this time many places are restricted. The primary direction of China's development of environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardants is inorganic flame retardants, the main varieties are nano-aluminum hydroxide and nano-magnesium hydroxide flame retardants.

about flame retardants,I believe everyone will understand more or less,CurrentlyFor us, it is more common and commonly still a halogen flame retardant,Including chlorine flame retardants and brominated flame retardants.We all knowhalogen flame retardantIfWhen exposed to heat,It produces toxic fumes,So this time a lot of places areRestricted Useof.Anddevelopment of our countryEnvironmental protection halogen-free flame retardantThe primary direction is inorganic flame retardant, the main varieties are nano aluminum hydroxide and nano magnesium hydroxide flame retardant.


Aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide flame retardantRelativeSafety and environmental protection, but the compatibility of inorganic and organicMoreThe addition of a large number of inorganic substances is easy to reduce the mechanical properties of plastic products.So for this kind of problem, we generally take two methodsSolution: one is the inorganic flame retardant ultrafine and even nano;Second, the surface is coated with organic matter to improve the compatibility. nano inorganic flame retardantYesEnvironmental protectionhalogen-free flame retardantA typical representative of the currentHas achieved industrialization, with the conditions for accelerated development, China is currently only in the cable industry.also inMandatory useEnvironmental protection halogen-free flame retardant,So the futureEnvironmental protectionhalogen-free flame retardantStill have a bigMarket spaceof.

Organophosphorus flame retardants have low smoke and low toxicity, and are also important substitutes for halogen flame retardants. China's development of phosphorus flame retardants has resource advantages,This also for usThe export of organophosphorus flame retardants provides a larger market space.

Heat stabilizers are the main additives used in the processing of polyvinyl chloride products to improve the thermal stability of polyvinyl chloride products. The traditional heat stabilizer is lead-containing heat stabilizer, because of the toxicity of lead,manyThe country is rapidly reducing the use of lead-containing heat stabilizers,AndAlthough there is no mandatory elimination period in ChinaStillencourage developmentEnvironmental protectionhalogen-free flame retardant,I believe there will be more and more in the future.Environmental protectionhalogen-free flame retardantapplication in our industry.


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