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Mca manufacturer: common nitrogen flame retardant

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Dec 29,2020

[Summary]There are currently three main categories of nitrogen-containing flame retardants: melamine, dicyandiamide, guanidine salts and their derivatives, especially phosphate derivatives. Next, I will specifically talk about these three categories.

Nitrogen-containing flame retardants are currently mainly3Major categories: melamine, dicyandiamide, guanidine salts and their derivatives, especially phosphate derivatives. Next, the MCA manufacturer will specifically talk about these three categories.

1Melamine: commonly used in the manufacture of expanded fire retardant coatings in the foaming composition, the foaming effect is good, into carbon density. is widely used inPE,PPandPVCPlastics and other thermoplastic, thermosetting plastics and other fields; melamine and liquid phosphate combination, can be used for flame retardant polyurethane foam.


2Dicyandiamide: mainly used in the manufacture of guanidine salt flame retardant, not only can be used in combination with melamine, but also can replace melamine, in the manufacture of wood fireproof adhesive has a unique role.

3Guanidine: Commonly used as a flame retardant for cellulose matrix materials, such as wood, paper, cardboard, etc., and also plays a due role in drugs and dye intermediates. This kind of nitrogen flame retardant flame retardant performance lasting, moisture absorption is much smaller than inorganic flame retardant, decorative performance is good, popular, more for the manufacture of high-grade decorative wood. In addition, it is also an integral part of the foaming agent in the intumescent fire retardant coating.

4, melamine cyanurate (MCA):MCAIt is an additive nitrogen flame retardant, which is synthesized by melamine and cyanuric acid at a certain temperature and water as the medium. It not only has good flame retardant effect, but also has small smoke during processing, good compatibility with polymer materials, no surface migration phenomenon, plus non-toxic, odorless and tasteless, high decomposition temperature and stability, and is mostly used for nylon,PBT,PPEpoxy resin, silicone, polyurethane, rubber and other polymer materials flame retardant. Its flame retardant effect is good, and phosphorus, bromine, antimony flame retardant has a good synergistic effect, melamine cyanurate salt and other additives composite use, can achieve a certain flame retardant effect.



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